Friday, August 07, 2015

July 2015

Posting from my phone, so things are kind of displaced. 

July was so fun. It felt summery; a time for pale blue nail polish, fireworks, dark gray stormy skies and marathon drawing and coloring during the rain, burrata and peaches, swimming all the time, Christmas in July wrapping session (trying to get ahead) while my mom visited and whipped up all the best meals. 

My children are the best part of every season, of course. Helen is a traditional toddler. You hear "two" and you might also hear "terrible;" you might be on to something. She is tough! One minute she is lightning and the next a blue sky with sunshine in the upper right corner. Like the weather in July.

George is steady, bright and imaginative. He's the reason for swimming, for artwork all the time. In about a week, he starts kindergarten. His solid group of daycare friends are all headed to different schools, and even though he's a little apprehensive I know he'll be just fine. 


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